Siberian sturgeon 

Siberian sturgeon  (lat. Acipenser baerii). Freshwater and migration fish, which can grow up to 2 m long and reach weight of up to 200 kg. The meat of sturgeon is very tasty, it can be consumed fresh, salted or smoked. Since ancient time sturgeon has been a noble treat. When sturgeon was served in Roman Empire it was decorated with flowers. In Ancient Greece the meat of sturgeon was regarded as the most sublime treat, while in China it was reserved exclusively for the table of emperor. In England and France only sovereigns and the supreme noblemen had the right to eat sturgeon. The meat of sturgeon is highly valued in Russia as well.

Siberian stourgeon Black caviar.

Siberian sturgeon Black caviar is considered as a gourmet treat. All over the world it is highly valued due to its unique taste. It is reasonably believed to be the most expensive dish. The production of caviar are caviar of stourgeons: beluga, sturgeon and sterlet. Sturgeon are one of the most ancient freshwater fish on the world. Supposably the sturgeon exist for at list 250 million years. Sturgeon caviar has characteristic, almost imperceptible aroma with caviar eggs not less than  1 mm diameter.

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout (lat. Oncorhynchus mykiss) has obtained its name due to silvery colour with speckles on the back and a wide rainbow stripe along the sides. The origins of the rainbow trout are found in California. The meat of the rainbow trout contains 18% of protein. Trout dishes are very tasty and very healthy, which explains the popularity of this fish. The meat of trout contains vitamins A, B, D, E and many mineral substances, like potassium, calcium, chrome, selenium, sodium and zinc. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are favourable for your heart, they protect blood-vessels from cholesterol “plaque”. The meat of trout may be white, pink or red. It has delicate and exquisite taste. The taste and the unique aroma of the meat of trout comes from layer of fat in the inner muscles. Trout goes well together with ginger, lemon and greens. It is advisable to use it fresh or refrigerated. Trout may be fried, grilled, salted or smoked. It is used to prepare soups, main courses and sushi.